Yes, plumbing has its own standards, and yes, they can be pretty complex. But that’s where ICC NTA excels. With our professional staff and dedicated plumbing testing lab, we can help you determine how your products comply with industry standards.

One of the most widely-applicable plumbing standards is CSA B45.5 / IAPMO Z124, often simply referred to as Z124. This standard was originally published in 2011 by the CSA/IAPMO Joint Harmonization Task Group (JHTG) on Plumbing Fixtures, at which time they combined several standards into one. The current version of Z124 was approved by ANSI and published in 2017. It applies to a wide range of plastic plumbing fixtures, including:

  • Bathtubs and combination tub/showers
  • Bar sinks
  • Kitchen sinks
  • Laundry sinks
  • Toilets
  • Urinals

In conjunction with other modern standards, Z124 ensures that plumbing products will perform as needed for use in residential, rental property, or commercial settings. Consider that in commercial applications, plumbing systems often have to be developed for a more significant number of users. Professional installers and repair persons also recognize the relevance of standards like Z124 for ensuring the proper installation of plumbing systems.

The Z124 standard provides requirements for product design, material durability, and overall structural performance. There are several tests required for assessing a plumbing product’s ability to meet these requirements, some of which include:

  • Structural integrity tests
  • Point impact load test
  • Stress test for grab bars and grip rails
  • Waste fitting connection test
  • Surface and subsurface tests
  • Colourfastness test
  • Stain resistance test
  • Cleanability and wear tests
  • Ignitability test
  • Chemical resistance test
  • Thermal shock resistance test
  • Overflow test

With all of these requirements, ICC NTA is here to assist you in interpreting and utilizing CSA B45.5 / IAPMO Z124 and other plumbing standards. As part of the International Code Council Family of Solutions, ICC NTA can help you get your products to market in an efficient manner by offering the testing, inspection, and certification services that you need.

About ICC NTA, LLC: As an accredited third-party agency and part of the International Code Council (ICC) Family of Solutions, ICC NTA provides code evaluation, product certification, inspection, engineering, plan review, and testing services, as well as independent quality and standards compliance verification for building product manufacturers. With offices, testing labs, and training facilities in Nappanee, Indiana and Bryan, Texas, ICC NTA serves residential and commercial builders, code officials, manufacturers, and suppliers throughout the building industry.