NTA Newsletter Q3 2014

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Modular Permit Sets

Have you ever run into a time crunch during the early phases of your modular project? You need something to show the bank the project is progressing, or a local official needs some kind of documentation in order to issue permits? NTA has the answer — Permit Sets! A Permit Set contains floor plans, elevations, foundation and a cross section, all stamped with “NTA Permit Set”. These let the local official or bank know that your third party has the project. Since NTA will only issue Permit Sets if the included portions meet code requirements, Permit Sets can expedite the plan approval process down the road, as the included items have already been deemed compliant.

While Maryland and Massachusetts have not recognized Permit Sets, the rest of the states have been accepting them as evidence of a third parties involvement in a project. NTA, Inc.’s Modular Services division offers ‘approved’ Permit Sets to their modular clients who find themselves dealing with complications and setbacks that could derail their whole timeline. Contact NTA today to see if our Modular Services can help you get your project back on track!

Did you know?

Most people in the housing industry know that SIPs, Structural Insulated Panels, are a common construction material in today’s building industry. With their insulating core sandwiched between two layers, they are better insulated, stronger and produce little to no waste. SIPs also perform better structurally than conventional stick construction in some cases, usually in the area of axial load strength.

Did you know, though, that NTA has played a rather large role in developing SIPs standards? In 2009, NTA partnered with SIPA to create the first industry-wide code report. The provisions in this code report are based on engineering design methods to allow for loading conditions not listed in the code report itself. NTA has also partnered with the Federation of American Scientists to release a white paper titled “Analysis of the Seismic Performance of SIPs”.

Who better to test and certify your SIP product than one of the leaders in the SIP industry? NTA knows SIPs better than other product certification agencies, and can provide you a report faster, with more detail than anyone else. Contact our test lab for more information on SIP Certification!

NTA is ahead of the game for RV manufacturers

The current version of NFPA 1192 expires on August 31, 2014 for all 2011 RV plan and QA manuals. However, the new version has not yet been made available. To provide a buffer for the interim, the State of Washington has pushed the expiration date back to December 31, to give RV manufacturers time to obtain copies of the new version of the standard, and implement any changes necessary. For those manufacturers able to initiate the new changes quickly, you can begin submitting your code cycle RV plans September 1. NTA is up to date on the latest changes, and can help you implement your new program quickly.

Find out how NTA can make your RV Plan Approval process easier on you and read up on our RV Plan Approval packages today, or contactus!

Understanding your Listing Report

Reading a certification or listing report isn’t always easy. All of the technical data and engineering terminology that is included can be difficult to understand. Because of this, an NTA Product Certification Listing Report is divided into sections to help break down all of that technical data into smaller pieces that are easy to digest.

There are 12 main points of information, along with a unique identifier for that listing report. When you need particular information, such as installation information, knowing which section to look at is a big help! Our web site contains helpful information on reading your report.

For more information on how to have your product certified by a recognized leader in third party testing and verification’s, contactus today!

Employee Highlights

Any company knows that one of its greatest strengths is its employees. We take pride in our employees, in the fact that many of been here for a good portion of their career. This year marks NTA’s 38th anniversary, and we would like to congratulate the employees who have been almost since the beginning!

Kirk Rensberger (DAPIA Account Manager) and Bob Baird (Records Administrator) are each celebrating 25 years with NTA, and Susie Troche (Accounting) and David Munz (Inspector Manager for two regions) are 30 year alumni! Thank you for your dedicated service!

Another Successful Seminar Series and Golf Outing

NTA’s 13th Annual Seminar and Golf Outing was, once again, a success! Clients and inspectors from across the nation gathered to attend educational seminars (featuring speakers such as Simpson Strong-Tie, Rectorseal, and various state officials), and earn CEU’s. To conclude the seminars, NTA hosted a Customer Appreciation Hog Roast with live music from Gypsy Wind, a classic rock/R&B group, as well as a Cornhole Tournament.

Everyone enjoyed a day to relax on Friday, at McCormick Creek Golf Course, where the Champion Homes team captured first place! Check out all the photos and fun on our Facebook page, www.facebook.com/NTAInc. Thanks to everyone who helped make this year’s event a success — our hard-working staff, clients, inspectors, and the fantastic speakers!

Engineering with Care

Does your third party engineering department care about you, and what your goals are, or do they seem as if they are only concerned with the ›bottom dollar’? When you choose NTA’s Engineering Design team, we are investing in your project, the community where it will reside and the people who will reside there. From storm shelter design projects, multi-family complexes and single family homes, to working on expediting the rebuilding process in the areas affected by Hurricane Sandy, NTA has, and will continue to, invest in safer communities for all of us.

Do you have a project that needs the personal touch? Contact our Engineering Department.

ICC 2014 Expo

Have you ever wondered where you could go to learn more about the I-Codes, or maybe wished you could have a say in upcoming I-Code changes? The answer to both questions is the same, the 2014 ICC Annual Conference and Expo in Fort Lauderdale. NTA will be on hand at this event from September 28 to September 30 to share their expertise with you. The Expo runs from the 28th to October 5, a week full of code hearings, opportunities for CEU’s and LU’s, and time to network with other industry professionals.

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