NTA Inc., Enters Into a Partnership with ICC to Evaluate SIPs

NAPPANEE, INDIANA: NTA Inc., a world leader in quality assurance testing for building materials and products, an innovator in green building certification, compliance and building code consultation and a leader in the SIPs industry, has entered into a partnership with ICC Evaluation Service (ICC-ES), LLC, of Whittier, Calif. ICC-ES is a renowned, nonprofit company that specializes in providing technical reports regarding code compliance that are of particular use to regulatory agencies and building-product manufacturers. The partnership will allow the implementation of a comprehensive, teamwork-oriented approach intended to expedite the achievement of joint NTA/ICC-ES evaluation reports and enhance integral value added services for NTA, ICC-ES and all respective clients therein, beginning with structural insulated panels, or SIPs.

The agreement will focus, initially, on the formation of a joint program that will provide quality assurance testing, certification and submittal for SIPs that feature OSB facings and EPS foam plastic cores. Joint NTA/ICC-ES evaluation reports regarding SIPs, and the materials required in their production, will simplify the application process for customers interested in the joint program services and create an overall more reliable, efficient and pro-compliance SIPs certification process.

“The pursuit of greater efficiency, industry-wide, continues to be mission critical, and at NTA we pride ourselves on always striving to move at the speed of business,” said David Tompos, President of NTA. “This partnership will provide for a deeper initial understanding of the scope of testing requirements and allow us to achieve faster turnaround time in the issuance of reports, and not just for SIPs. This is good news for the industry, by working together with ICC-ES in interpreting evolving technical standards, testing methods and acceptance criteria, we can issue reports bolstered by the strength of both parties and, therefore, provide not only demonstrated industry value to customers, but an economic advantage, as well.”

The partnership program will, as well, provide a wider exposure for building products such as SIPs through the network of NTA and ICC-ES customers, code enforcers, engineers, specifiers, media destinations and additional corporate alliances. The working partnership promises an increased value added capacity in the offering of engineering and technical support for NTA customers – good news for current and future NTA clients.

As per the agreement, NTA assumes responsibility for testing of SIPs, test report issuance, test data reduction and analysis, joint evaluation report preparation and will act as the primary contact for applicants regarding technical matters prior to the issuance of joint product evaluation reports. Testing conducted by NTA will be open for observation to ICC-ES − which will provide a system for the management of joint product evaluation report questions and comments and which will maintain evaluation reports through industry-best documentation practices and procedures.

About NTA: NTA, Inc., located in Nappanee, Indiana, provides building product certification, building code compliance review, engineering design services, inspection and product testing. The company has over 60 trained professional engineers, plan reviewers, technicians, consultants and design draftsmen with professional registrations in all 50 states and the District of Columbia.