ASTM E814 Fire Stop Penetration

Standard: ASTM E814 Standard Test Method for Fire Tests of Through-Penetration Fire Stops

Scope: This test method applies to various materials and construction through penetration fire stops. Fire stops are intended for use in openings in fire-resistive walls and floors evaluated according to ASTM E119.

Products: Mineral Wool, Caulks, Putty, Wraps, Sealants

Procedure: This method of testing through-penetration firestop systems exposes firestop systems to a standard temperature-time fire, and to a subsequent application of a hose stream. Ratings are established on the basis of the period of resistance to the fire exposure, prior to the first development of through openings, flaming on the unexposed surface, limiting thermal transmission criterion, and acceptable performance under application of a hose stream.

Result: The performance of a firestop system depends on the specific assembly of materials tested, including the number, type, and size of penetrations and the floors or walls in which it is installed. Two ratings are established for each firestop system.

An F rating is based upon flame occurrence on the unexposed surface, while the T rating is based upon the temperature rise and flame occurrence on the unexposed side of the firestop system. These ratings, together with detailed performance data such as the location of through-openings and temperatures of penetrating items are one factor in assessing the performance of firestop systems.

Firestops ASTM E814
Photo courtesy of International Firestop Council

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