Fastener Testing

Fasteners are crucial for building design, especially in extreme climate areas such as hurricane or earthquake zones. In any design, however, fastener strength can often determine the viability of a project. Whether you are concerned about bending strength, corrosion, resistance, or shear, ICC NTA can provide the testing necessary to address your concerns.

ICC NTA laboratories are accredited to the ISO 17025 standard, which ensures that you and your customers can rely on the validity of our results. Our team also understands how important test results are for your business goals and objectives — all our team members work together with you to efficiently conduct tests and prepare the test reports you need. We conduct tests for various types of fastener products, including but not limited to:

  • Mechanical testing in wood and plastic lumber
  • Nails, staples, screws, lag bolts
  • Bending strength and stiffness
  • Fastener withdrawal resistance
  • Fastener pull-through resistance
  • Lateral resistance
  • Sample prep and lumber conditioning
  • Bolted and Timber connection joints
  • Plate-type connector joints
  • Joist hanger

As part of the International Code Council Family of Solutions, we work directly with ICC Evaluation Service, LLC (ICC-ES) to create tailored test plans that capture specialized requirements for innovative products, such as those found in the ICC-ES Acceptance Criteria. Test plans help ensure your innovative product has a clear path through the certification process with agreement from all participants. Below is a list of standards or criteria that may be included in test plans for fastener products:

  • ASTM D1761: Standard Test Methods for Mechanical Fasteners in Wood
  • ASTM E489: Standard Test Method for Tensile Strength Properties of Metal Connector Plates
  • ASTM E767: Standard Test Method for Shear Strength Properties of Metal Connector Plates
  • ASTM F1575: Standard Test Method for Determining Bending Yield Moment of Nails
  • TPI 1: National Design Standard for Metal Plate Connected Wood Truss Construction
  • CSA S347-14: Method of Test for Evaluation of Truss Plates Used in Lumber Joints
  • ICC-ES AC13: Joist Hangers and Similar Devices
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