ICC-ES AC279 Vinyl-Lined Swimming Pools

Standard: ICC-ES AC279 Acceptance Criteria for Vinyl-Lined Residential Swimming Pools

Scope: This acceptance criteria establishes procedures for recognition of vinyl-lined residential swimming pools designed and constructed in accordance with ANSI/NSPI-4 or ANSI/NSPI-5 2003. This acceptance criteria applies to the pool support structure and vinyl liner only. Electrical, plumbing, pumping, and water heating equipment and decking are beyond the scope of AC274. They are required to be installed in accordance with the applicable code and the requirement so the code is official.

Products: Vinyl-lined residential swimming pools

Procedure: AC279 contains several performance requirements, including the following tests:

  • Thickness per ASTM D1593
  • Tensile Strength and Percent Elongation per ASTM D882
  • Low-Temperature Brittleness per ASTM D1790
  • Density per ASTM D1790
  • Dimensional Stability per ASTM D1204
  • Volatile Loss per ASTM D1203
  • Water Extraction per ASTM D1239
  • Weathering Test
  • Resistance to Chemicals per ASTM D543
  • Fungal and Bacteria Resistance per ASTM G21

Result: Passing all of the AC279 requirements allows applicable products to be evaluated for code compliance.

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