Product Performance Testing

Research and development (R & D) can be an exciting phase for building product manufacturers. At the same time, the R & D process can be wrought with potential pitfalls and setbacks if the product fails to perform as anticipated or if a competitor’s success eliminates a market need first. ICC NTA’s team of experienced Professional Engineers collaborates directly with our clients from testing prototype development through their first market launch and beyond. We work with you to create and implement a tailored test plan that captures the specific performance data needed so that you can complete your product’s development and maintain ongoing quality assurance.

ICC NTA laboratories are accredited to the ISO 17025 standard, which ensures that you and your customers can rely on the validity of our results. Our team also understands how important test results are for your business goals and objectives — all our team members work together with you to efficiently conduct tests and prepare the test reports you need.

ICC NTA offers several performance testing options to target your R & D goals:

  • Prototype Testing evaluates an innovative product to see if it will perform as expected. This testing allows for various issues to be “designed out” of the product, ensuring fewer returns and more satisfied customers.
  • Comparative Testing compares your product to another product, such as a competitor’s (to highlight the advantages of your product) or against a previous version of your product (to ensure new designs are improving your product’s performance).
  • Benchmark Testing establishes your initial product performance through testing for quality assurance purposes. When the test is performed later, the results are compared to your benchmark to track the product’s change in performance over time. Manufacturers often use benchmark testing to determine the efficacy and efficiency of their quality management system.
  • Quality Assurance Testing is conducted on small lots during production runs to ensure that your product continues to meet specific requirements of codes or standards. Often part of a Quality Assurance Program, this continuous testing assures that your product maintains its code compliance and continues to meet the high-quality performance your customers expect. Once you are finished with the R & D phase and are ready to have your product certified for code compliance, ICC NTA can set you on a direct path to product certification.

As part of the International Code Council Family of Solutions, we work directly with ICC Evaluation Service, LLC (ICC-ES) to create tailored test plans that capture specialized requirements for innovative products, such as those found in the ICC-ES Acceptance Criteria. Test plans help ensure your innovative product has a clear path through the certification process with agreement from all participants.

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