Some of the advanced testing standards and technical work that ICC NTA performs for clients involves advanced equipment such as the X-Rite Ci7600 Spectrophotometer. Knowing more about the use of this equipment can help a business make better decisions on product development and the quality of their products.


Why Use a Spectrophotometer?

X-Rite Ci7600 Spectrophotometer
X-Rite Ci7600 Spectrophotometer – Photo courtsey of X-Rite

This type of equipment measures light and quantifies color. Specifically, reference materials indicate that the spectrophotometer measures the “intensity of light as a function of the color of light.” The spectrophotometer is commonly used to determine color fade for quality control and ongoing verification of product colors.

The spectrophotometer can measure reflectivity, light scattering, whiteness/yellowness ratios, and different types of color reflection. In comparison studies, it can be used to assess colorfastness in various materials, for example, after exposing materials to accelerated weathering conditions per ASTM G154 for UV and ASTM G155 for xenon arc. It’s valuable for evaluating the surfaces of products and materials used in residential and commercial buildings. This device can be used on multiple materials including, but not limited to: tile, stone, vinyl siding, coatings and paints, light-transmitting plastics, and architectural and automotive glass.


Spectrophotometer Types

There are three main types of spectrophotometers used in measuring color and reflectivity.

  1.  0°/45° spectrophotometer – measures light reflected at a fixed angle to the sample.
  2.  Multi-angle spectrophotometer – views the color of a sample as if it is being moved back and forth.
  3.  Sphere spectrophotometer – measures light reflected at all angles to calculate color measurements that closely match what a human eye would see.



ICC NTA utilizes the spectrophotometer to assess material properties such as color, reflectance, and transmittance per the following standards:


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