David G Humphrey – Electrical Plan Review Engineer

David HumphreyDavid G. Humphrey began his career in the electrical industry in 1978, where he worked as an electrician for ten years. He became an electrical inspector for Henrico County, Virginia, in 1988 and was promoted to senior electrical inspector in 1995. In 2005 David was promoted to his current position as electrical plan review engineer.

David has served IAEI as a Virginia Chapter President and Southern Section President. David is certified as a 1&2 Family, General Electrical Inspector, and Electrical Plans Examiner, and he holds a Virginia Master Electrician’s certification. David was an electrical apprentice instructor in Richmond, Virginia, from 1989 until 2005, and he additionally served as an advanced electrical instructor for the Virginia Department of Housing Code Academy.

David has conducted numerous electrical seminars and training programs for the Virginia Chapter of IAEI, and he now serves as a seminar instructor for the IAEI International Office. David serves on the NCPCCI Electrical Exam committee; he has served as the principal IAEI representative on CMP 8 for the 2008 and 2011 NEC cycles. David has also served as the IAEI representative and Chair of CMP 9 for 2014, 2017, and 2020 NEC. David is currently the chair of CMP-2 for the 2023 cycle.


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