Quality Assurance Inspections (QAI)

Housing/Building Inspections Services

ICC NTA is the third party of choice for residential, commercial, and factory-built home inspections and certification because of our consistent ability to deliver in-plant quality audits by knowledgeable personnel. We employ professionals that, combined, have completed over 300 building code examinations and have over 190 inspector licenses and certifications. Our licensed inspectors aren’t just experts in housing construction, they are also experienced with Park Model and ENERGY STAR® certification programs.

Our network of third-party inspectors enables us to assess in-plant quality control procedures; ensuring consistent quality of your product for code compliance and if needed, help you build an entire quality assurance program. ICC NTA is also able to provide quality inspections for Canada and process Canadian certifications.

ICC NTA is a member of the International Code Council family of solutions and maintains one of the largest third-party inspection workforces in the market. With our commitment to excellence, we have earned recognition and praise from state officials and other authorities with jurisdiction across the country. ICC NTA maintains multiple offices throughout the United States, enabling us to provide you fast, efficient services wherever you are.

Building Products Quality Audit Services

Manufacturers and products who are listed and hold an ICC–ES report may be required to have independent quality assurance inspections (QAI) by an accredited agency like NTA. ICC NTA offers initial and follow-up inspection services per ICC–ES AC10 (Acceptance Criteria for Quality Documentation). Also, ICC NTA is recognized by the following entities as being a leader in independent product quality audits:

  • Accredited under ISO/IEC 17020 to provide inspection services — see our Certificate of Accreditation
  • Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD-approved IPIA services)
  • California Built Housing Design Approval Agency (DAA)
  • California Factory Built Housing Quality Assurance Agency (QAA)
  • California Approved Listing Agency
  • State of California Approved Third Party Certifier (TPC-25) Formaldehyde
  • State of Ohio Approved Listing Agency
  • State of Florida Assurance Agency (QUA3504)
  • State of Florida Validation Agency (VAL3479)
  • State of Florida Product Testing Laboratory (TST3478)
  • ICC−ES Evaluation
  • City of Houston
  • Florida 9B-72
  • California QAI

Quality Manual/Documentation Authoring and Assistance

Certification, both evaluation and listing reports, require on-going compliance and verification with codes and standards. To complete this, report holders must have a documented quality system meeting specific requirements of the report. Requirements like ICC-ES AC10, acceptance criteria for quality documentation would be one of the common requirements for each report holder’s documentation.

To ensure that report holders meet these requirements, ICC NTA has staff, separate from the inspection and evaluation process, to help draft and revise quality documentation.

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