Certified Green Programs

All structures have an impact on the environment. Whether it is during their construction, use or demolition, all buildings, both residential and commercial, use energy, consume natural resources and create a variety of types of waste. Green (also called sustainable) construction utilizes various building systems, modern materials, and house plans that are able to fulfill Green Building Standards that were developed to lessen the impact a structure has on the environment.

“Sustainable” isn’t just for residential structures, it’s also for commercial buildings, schools, healthcare facilities, laboratories, and many others. Public and government structures can also benefit from green practices and programs.

All of the Green Building Rating programs that have been created in conjunction with EPA regulations are based upon achievement, point-based rating system. NTA’s professional certifiers and verifiers strive to achieve the maximum amount of points for each respective Green program.

A Green Building Certification brings many advantages to the builder, as well as the end-user. A green certification can be used for marketing and sales incentives for the builder, as well as for tax incentives; and public utility rate reductions and tax reductions for the end-user. Occupants of a green structure enjoy an increased feeling of satisfaction and pride in their home and/or workplace. An environmental certification also allows the structure to hold a higher rental or resale value due to energy-efficient structures being in higher demand, whether for green-certified homes or green businesses.

NTA Green Building Certifications

  • Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED)
  • NTA Green Ready
  • NTA Green Standard for Park Models
  • NTA Green Standard for Recreational Vehicles
  • System Built Research Alliance (SBRA)

ENERGY STAR® Rating Services Partner

ENERGY STAR is a nationally recognized, voluntary program that started as a joint effort of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Department of Energy (DOE), and was designed to identify and promote energy-efficient products, new homes, and buildings to consumers and businesses across the United States. ICC NTA, LLC is a proud ENERGY STAR® partner.

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