Certified Green Programs

All buildings, both residential and commercial, impact the environment through their use of energy, consumption of natural resources, and creation of waste products. Green or sustainable construction utilizes various building systems, modern materials, and house plans to fulfill Green Building Standards developed to lessen the impact a structure has on the environment. Sustainability is not just for residential structures—it’s also for commercial buildings, schools, healthcare facilities, laboratories, public and government structures, and more.

ENERGY STAR® is a nationally recognized, voluntary program that started as a joint effort of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Department of Energy (DOE). The program identifies and promotes energy-efficient products, new homes, and buildings to consumers and businesses across the United States. As a proud partner of the ENERGY STAR® program and a leader in the manufactured housing and modular building industry, ICC NTA is well-equipped to provide Green Building Certifications to manufacturers of factory-built structures.

Benefits of ICC NTA Green Building Certification:

  • Benefits for the Builder:
    • Collaboration with ICC NTA’s professional certifiers and verifiers, who strive to achieve the maximum number of EPA Green Building Rating points possible for each respective Green program
    • Marketing and sales incentives
    • Tax incentives
  • Benefits for the End-user:
    • Public utility rate and tax reductions
    • Higher rental or resale value due to demand for energy-efficient structures
    • Increased sense of satisfaction in the energy-efficiency of one’s home or workplace

Types of ICC NTA Green Building Certifications:

  • ICC NTA Green Ready
  • ICC NTA Green Standard for Park Models
  • ICC NTA Green Standard for Recreational Vehicles
  • Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED)
  • System Built Research Alliance (SBRA)
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