Off-Site Construction

  • Plan Review
  • Engineering
  • Inspection

Technology has altered many industries over the years and the construction industry is no different. The combination of traditional construction and high-tech manufacturing has changed the landscape by creating an entirely new way to plan, design, fabricate, and assemble buildings of all sizes. Referred to as off-site construction, this marriage of manufacturing with technological advancement has become the way of the future. Oftentimes off-site constructed buildings are built to higher standards than traditional buildings. Components or modules must withstand transportation to the building site and must also adhere to the building codes and regulations of the final destination.

A crucial key to off-site construction success lies in the efficiency level of the manufacturing facility. Efficient manufacturing, quality control, plant inspection, and proper engineering are a few of the factors that must be considered by anyone in the off-site construction arena.

ICC NTA, LLC is a third-party agency and a leader in plan review, engineering, and inspection for prefabricated structures and structural assemblies. Registered in all 50 states, the District of Columbia, and Canada, ICC-NTA has extensive knowledge in modular and off-site construction and provides the following services:

Plan Review:

  • ICC NTA has Professional Engineers and Certified ICC Level III Plan Reviewers experienced in modular construction.
  • ICC NTA is accredited to ISO/IEC 17065:2012 by A2LA as an evaluation & certification agency for prefabricated structures and structural assemblies.
  • ICC NTA is accepted in all states having certification programs providing third party plan review and in-plant inspection.
  • Industry leader verifying buildings are code compliant in multiple building types and disciplines.
  • ICC NTA has 250 combined years of experience dedicated to modular/off-site construction with 2 dedicated to multi-story apartments/hospitality.

Engineering Services:

  • ICC NTA has Registered Professional Engineers in all 50 states, the District of Columbia, and Canada.
  • ICC NTA has extensive knowledge in modular and off-site construction.
  • ICC NTA Professional Engineers provide complete structural engineering calculations and analysis to aid in determining code compliance in all states.
  • ICC NTA has CAD Engineers who understand manufacturing processes, materials properties, and design principles, resulting in fast and accurate drafting services.

Inspection Services:

  • ICC NTA maintains one of the largest manufacturing inspection workforces and has certified ICC level I and II and state-certified inspectors in your area.
  • ICC NTA offers initial and follow-up inspection services per ICC–ES AC10 (Acceptance Criteria for Quality Documentation)
  • ICC NTA employs professionals that have completed over 300 building code examinations and have over 190 inspector licenses and certifications.
  • ICC NTA maintains one of the largest third-party inspection workforces in the market.
  • ICC NTA’s network of third-party inspectors can assess in-plant quality control procedures; ensuring consistent quality of your product for code compliance.
  • ICC NTA can provide inspection services for Canada and process Canadian certifications.