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ICC NTA, LLC specializes in product testing. Since 1976, ICC NTA has been a trusted resource for manufacturers who need/want material testing or code evaluation for their products. Product testing results are used by product manufacturers for a variety of reasons; to verify that their product will perform as promised, to determine code compliance or safety, reduce costs through improved manufacturing processes, gain a marketing advantage over competitors, as part of a certification program, ensure consistency, and more.

Whatever the reason, NTA’s in-house testing capabilities provide a trusted supplier of third-party testing services to a multitude of industries. With unparalleled attention to detail and wide assemblage of state-of-the-art-testing apparatuses, ICC NTA can meet the needs of clients wishing to receive accurate data in a short timeframe.

A Name You Can Trust
NTA is an independent third-party agency, offering evaluation, testing, inspection, and certification services to the building product industry. NTA is fully accredited to ISO 17025 (Midwest/Southwest testing laboratory) standards, ensuring that both consumers and regulatory agencies are confident in our testing services and comprehensive product evaluations.

Testing Capabilities

Types of Products We Test:

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