Evaluation Services for Alternative & Innovative Materials

NTA Evaluation Services provides assurance to code officials that innovative products are building code compliant (e.g. IBC, IRC), which allows manufacturers to sell products that are not specifically addressed by the code itself.

Evaluation report = product peace of mind

Why are Evaluations Important to Code Authorities?

When a product does not fall within a normal channel for code compliance, the “alternative material” needs approval from code officials before it can be installed.

Evaluations provide quantifiable technical evidence to code officials and other Authorities Having Jurisdiction (AHJs) that alternative materials meet the intent and purpose of applicable codes. Provided that the product is satisfactory and complies with the intent of the code––and is not less than equivalent to what is otherwise prescribed by the code––code officials can approve the product as compliant with code provisions.

Why Are Evaluations Important to Manufacturers?

An evaluation report is an important tool that manufacturers utilize to facilitate the marketability and acceptance of their product. Consumers and code officials alike can be confident in products with an evaluation report because those products have been thoroughly evaluated, tested, certified, and governed by a robust quality control program with follow-up inspections.

The NTA Difference

NTA is a family-owned company that delivers high-quality services with core company values focused on offering superior customer service and promoting quality in construction.

Customer Partnership – NTA understands a manufacturer’s need to gain market entry as fast as possible. It is with this in mind that NTA partners with customers to understand timelines to get their products to market, all while applying the technical expertise and in-depth knowledge of building products for which NTA is known.

Superior Customer Service- Don’t like speaking to a recording? Neither do we. NTA has dedicated customer service professionals that take your calls and get the answers you by calling 574-773-7975 or contacting us by filling out our form on right or below.

NTA’s Accredited Services for Building Product Evaluations

NTA offers services to cover Section 104.11 of the IBC, which includes Alternative Materials, Designs, and Methods of Construction and Equipment.

NTA is an independent third party agency, offering evaluation reports to the building product industry. NTA is fully accredited to the same ISO 17065 standards as other, similar third party agencies, ensuring that both consumers and regulatory agencies are confident in our product evaluations.

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