Building Product Factory Audit Services

Benefits of a Factory Audit

Having a quality management system (QMS) in place helps to mitigate a manufacturer’s risks. An important aspect of a QMS is a third party factory audit. Choosing NTA’s audit services will allow you to realize additional benefits that can ensure your processes and procedures are followed as laid out in your QMS and also ensure your products are compliant with any product certifications. Other benefits include:

  • Verify product code compliance
  • Identify problems that could cause non-conformances
  • Achieve greater consistency in meeting quality requirements
  • Provide insight into ways to improve your products, processes, and systems
  • Identify opportunities to reduce or eliminate waste for a leaner manufacturing process
  • Provide Quality Control Manual Authoring or guidance

What’s involved in Quality Audit?

An NTA Quality Audit covers multiple aspects of your products, processes, and procedures. Below are just a few:

  • Observing the manufacturing processes
  • Comparing processes to those outlined in your Quality Manual
  • Verification that supplier materials meet specifications as laid out in your QMS
  • Review of your organizational chart
  • Assess document control requirements

NTA’s network of licensed inspectors is one of the largest third-party workforces in the North American market, allowing us to provide quick, efficient service wherever your facilities are located.

For more information on our quality audit services for building product manufacturers, please contact us.

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