Deck and Railing Testing

With an abundant selection of decking manufacturers, materials, colors, shapes, and sizes available to consumers, competitive decking and railing manufacturers can’t afford to lose projects due to a lack of technical data and product certification. Because each type of material used in decks and railings will have different performance characteristics and requirements, these manufacturers find their path to market acceptance shortest when they choose to work with third-party agencies with demonstrated expertise and trust from the market. Proactive manufacturers are planning their tests and certification during product development in collaboration with their third-party agency before their products go to market.

ICC NTA laboratories are accredited to the ISO 17025 standard, which ensures that you and your customers can rely on the validity of our results. Our team also understands how important test results are for your business goals and objectives — all our team members work together with you to efficiently conduct tests and prepare the test reports you need. We conduct tests for various deck and railing materials, including but not limited to:

  • Aluminum
  • Glass
  • Plastic (Polystyrene or PVC)
  • Wood (Composite or Natural)

As part of the International Code Council Family of Solutions, we work directly with ICC Evaluation Service, LLC (ICC-ES) to create tailored test plans that capture specialized requirements for innovative products, such as those found in the ICC-ES Acceptance Criteria. Test plans help ensure your innovative product has a clear path through the certification process with agreement from all participants. Below is a list of standards or criteria that may be included in test plans for deck and railing products:

  • ASTM D7032: Standard Specification for Establishing Performance Ratings for Wood-Plastic Composite and Plastic Lumber Deck Boards, Stair Treads, Guards, and Handrails
  • ICC-ES AC174: Deck Board Span Ratings and Guardrail Systems (Guards and Handrails)
  • ICC-ES AC273: Handrails and Guards
  • ICC-ES AC439: Glass Railing and Balustrade System
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