Miami Dade Hurricane Testing

Hurricane zones are subject to weather conditions that buildings in other regions do not have to account for. Debris can be small or large and damage a structure permanently. High winds rip and tear at siding, shutters, and roofings and heavy rain can cause soil erosion around foundations, finding its way inside and causing expensive damage.

Building products in these areas must be verified as code compliant for use in high wind areas, and NTA is an Approved Laboratory for Miami-Dade testing and for certifying that materials meet code compliance requirements for use in high-wind areas. NTA follows all the standards (e.g. ASTM and TAS), rules, protocols, and specifications necessary to maintain this accreditation.

What NTA can do

NTA conducts Miami-Dade testing according to several different methods, including but not limited to:

  • Miami-Dade impact and non-impact testing
  • Hurricane testing on doors, curtain walls, windows, shutters
  • Missile impact
  • Uniform load
  • Air infiltration
  • Water infiltration
  • Cyclic wind pressure

ASTM E1886 – Missile Impact

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