ICC NTA, LLC and Offsight Announce Partnership to Accelerate Off-site Construction Growth

NAPPANEE, IN., Aug. 17, 2022

Offsight - manufacturing Management software

“Our partnership with Offsight will be a huge value-add for ICC NTA’s clients,” said David Tompos, President of ICC NTA.

ICC NTA inspectors will now leverage Offsight’s software to seamlessly track building code conformance and manage regular reporting and auditing in collaboration with their many client factories. Furthermore, Offsight will expedite client onboarding for all ICC NTA clients interested in leveraging Offsight’s full software functionality to completely digitize quality, reporting and streamline collaboration with their ICC NTA inspector and other third-party project stakeholders.

“Our partnership with Offsight will be a huge value-add for ICC NTA’s residential and commercial off-site clients. Our inspectors can verify building code conformance with real-time collaboration with our clients. It will also help our clients track and resolve issues and completely streamline a lot of the back and forth that’s lost with manual processes.” said David Tompos, President of ICC NTA.

In addition to driving value for ICC NTA’s clients, the partnership is also geared towards accelerating off-site construction growth. “Over 45% of the construction value chain is expected to be disrupted by off-site construction, and a vast majority of contractors have already made large investments in their off-site businesses and factories”, said Offsight CEO Vikas Murali. “Companies who adopt a digital solution like Offsight early on can completely streamline their factory operations as they scale and set themselves up for growth and long-term success.”

Both organizations believe that pairing software like Offsight with the industry knowledge and skill set for identifying and tracking building code conformance provided by ICC NTA can be a winning combination in helping factories scale operations. Ultimately, this partnership aims to help prefab, modular, and building product manufacturers invest and acquire more off-site projects each year.