VIP – Virtual Inspection Program

As the leader in the manufactured home inspection industry, ICC NTA, LLC offers a service to improve efficiency and compliance. The Virtual Inspection Program (VIP) revolutionizes inspections for HUD manufactured home installations by using technology and industry expertise to save both time and money for retailers and installers; enabling homeowners and tenants to move into homes quicker than ever before.

According to 24 CFR 3286, 100% of all HUD manufactured homes must have the installation inspected before occupancy. “Traditionally, homeowners might have to wait weeks to get a certified inspector to a remote location.” said David Tompos, President of NTA “But with the Virtual Inspection Program, an NTA certified inspector can access the home remotely within a 24-hour time period, complete the inspection, address any issues, and provide the required HUD-309 form. The innovative program is shaving weeks off the process and saving real dollars across the board.”

The NTA team envisioned an inspection process that utilized technology to reduce costs, improved compliance, and get homeowners into their homes sooner. The backbone of the Virtual Inspection Program is a phone-based app that enables a retailer/installer to work in unison with a certified NTA inspector. The certified inspector can then direct the retailer/installer through the required inspection requirements remotely, minimizing the need for travel and lengthy scheduling coordination.

Once the inspection passes, the Virtual Inspection Program streamlines the process further by submitting the HUD-309 form to the end-client and HUD so that all parties are ensured the home has officially passed inspection.

What is the process?

The process is simple and contains the following steps:

Step 1 – The preparation

  • Retailer/installer obtains and fills out required forms and submits to NTA’s inspection coordinator
  • Once forms are approved, NTA will call and schedule a virtual inspection with the retailer/installer
  • Retailer/installer downloads the free app to their smartphone

Step 2 – Inspection Day

  • Retailer/installer receives an invitation via text message signaling the NTA inspector is ready to start the inspection
  • The app will open automatically to start the virtual inspection
  • The NTA inspector walks the retailer/installer step by step through the inspection.


What if a violation was found?

Violations (if any) that are found during the virtual inspection will be identified on the form. The retailer/installer may then provide evidence of the correction or reschedule another virtual inspection follow-up call for a final resolution of violations. Most violations can be corrected and approved with in the same day and there is no need to pay any additional inspection fees.


NTA Handles the Rest

After completion of the virtual inspection, the retailer/installer is sent the completed virtual inspection form within 24 hours Or once all violations (if any) are resolved, the HUD-309 form is signed by NTA and sent directly to HUD as well as the end-client. All forms, pictures, and videos of inspection are retained electronically in the ICC NTA, LLC proprietary “Project Log” for future reference if needed.

Contact Penny Eddinger, NTA’s Inspection Coordinator, for more information on our Virtual Inspection Program @ 574-773-7975.

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