Complete Modular Inspections

The highest-performing modular structure manufacturers don’t worry about the consistent performance or quality of their structures. These manufacturers have a quality management system (QMS) operated by staff they trust and overseen by partners they rely on, to share positive feedback and constructive criticism. This feedback loop ensures the QMS is constantly improving, which minimizes the manufacturer’s risk of low-quality structures. ICC NTA partners with manufacturers to provide the third-party inspection services they need to ensure proper oversight and feedback for their QMS.

Why Choose ICC NTA?

As a collaborative partner, our inspectors provide you with honest, actionable feedback based on objective standards and criteria after each inspection. And, should you need further clarification or help, that same inspector is available to address your questions when you need them. We know the industry works best when every manufacturer has a healthy QMS, and we partner with all our clients to ensure they have as much support as they need to reach and maintain high levels of quality.

An ICC NTA Modular Certification is complete, meaning that ICC NTA handles both your plan review you’re your inspections. Not only does this simplify paperwork, but it also ensures your plan reviewer and inspector both know your project as well as you do. By having the entire process under one roof, you can enjoy the “ICC NTA Difference” – a more efficient certification process.

The ICC NTA certification mark is recognized widely throughout the United States as evidence of code compliance—we ensure that all elements of your modular construction meet building codes such as the International Building Code (IBC) and International Residential Code (IRC). In addition, ICC NTA is accredited by the Standards Council of Canada to perform Canadian Modular Certification to CSA A277.

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