Complete Modular Inspections

Whether it is commercial or residential, modular structures still need inspection and verification of their code compliance. NTA has the ability to perform your modular inspection in any state with a modular program. By operating out of five regional offices, we ensure that wherever you are, an NTA inspector is close by.

An NTA Certification is complete — meaning that your plan review and inspections are handled by the same company. Not only does this simplify paperwork, but ensures that your plan reviewer and inspector both know your project as well as you do. By having the entire process under one roof, you will enjoy “The NTA Difference” – a more efficient certification process.

Our certification mark is recognized nationwide as evidence of code compliance. NTA ensures that all elements of your modular construction are meeting national building codes like the IRC and IBC.

Canadian Certification, CSA A277

Now you can experience the NTA difference for your products heading to Canada! On March 22, 2016, NTA received accreditation by the Standards Council of Canada (SCC) to perform Canadian Modular Certifications to CSA A277. The SCC Requirements and Guidance — Product, Process and Service Certification Body Accreditation Program roughly corresponds to ISO/IEC 17065, which NTA has held since 2009. When combined, the two accreditation’s mean that NTA can provide certifications for modular structures headed anywhere from the Rio Grande to Ellesmere Island!

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