HUD Installation Inspections

If you are a retailer of manufactured homes, you should know that the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development requires inspections of manufactured home installations in all states where HUD administers the manufactured housing program (click to view a list of states with a HUD-Administered Manufactured Housing Program). Not only are these mandatory, but the individuals performing the installations or inspections are required to meet certain criteria. This means that the manufactured homes that are shipped to and located in these states must be installed by a licensed and registered installer with HUD, and the inspections must be performed by a HUD-approved inspector, like ICC NTA.

Third-party Qualified Inspectors

According to 24 CFR 3286.511, any individual or entity that meets at least one of the following is permitted to review and verify the installation of a manufactured home.

  • A manufactured home or residential building inspector employed by the local authority having jurisdiction over the site of the home provided that the jurisdiction has a residential code enforcement program
  • A professional engineer
  • A registered architect
  • A HUD-accepted Production Inspection Primary Inspection Agency (IPIA) or a Design Approval Primary Inspection Agency (DAPIA)
  • An International Code Council certified inspector

Also, the inspector must be independent of the manufacturer, the retailer, the installer, or any other person that has a monetary interest (other than the collection of the inspection fee) in the completion of the sale of the home.

Why choose NTA for Inspections?

ICC NTA has been around as long as the manufactured housing program, with both being established in 1976. We have long been recognized as the premier third-party inspection agency in the manufactured housing industry, and have been heavily involved in the development of this installation program. NTA knows Manufactured Housing!

ICC NTA is also one of only five private companies approved by HUD as both a DAPIA and IPIA provider, as well as staffing professional engineers and ICC Building Code Officials! We meet multiple criteria for performing Installation Inspections, and our expertise is widely recognized.

Contact us for more information, or download the NTA On-Site HUD Inspection Request Form and Call Penny Eddinger at 574-773-7975.

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