Eovations, LLC has been certified under a new ICC NTA, LLC listing report, NLR-1082

July 5th, 2019

Eovations LLC_logoNappanee, Indiana: ICC NTA, LLC has certified (NLR-1082) that Eovations, LLC of Selma, AL complies with Testing Application Standard (TAS) 202-94 Criteria for Testing Impact and Nonimpact Resistant Building Envelope Components Using Static Air Pressure and Testing Application Standard (TAS) 203-94 Criteria for Testing Products Subject to Cyclic Wind Pressure Loading.

The following products have been certified under NLR-1082:

• 0.375-in. x 8.25-in. (7-in. Reveal) Eotek Siding

Eovations is a technology-driven company founded to bring Eovations™ technology to commercialization in many applications. Their extruded oriented technology creates an entirely fibrous composite delivering a combination of strength, stability, lightweight, and durability unheard of in wood-plastic composites and even wood itself. Eovations composite material is a great candidate to replace wood, plastic, metal, and cementitious products, as well as wood-plastic composites in a wide range of structural, nonstructural, and decorative applications.


More information can be found on product certification and applications under the ICC NTA Listing Report NLR-1082.

Eovations, LLC Website: ww.eovationsllc.com

Link to the NLR-1082 report can be found on the NTA website via report search: www.icc-nta.org/report-search/

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