Eovations Completes NTA Product Certification Program for Eotek Oriented Polymer Composite Siding

Eovations Eotek SidingNAPPANEE, IN (May 14, 2014): NTA, Inc. welcomes Eovations, LLC as the newest approved siding manufacturer recognized in the Listing Report EOV032712-11. By completing an NTA Certification Program, Eovations has joined the ranks of other industry leaders in proving their siding product exceeds the requirements of the International Building Code. Eotek Siding is manufactured at their facility in Selma, Alabama.

Eovations Eotek Siding
About Eovations: Headquartered in Bay City, Michigan, Eovations, LLC brings technology to commercialization in a broad set of applications and uses, from building products and accessories, such as siding and decking, to components it supplies to manufacturers of doors, windows, industrial packaging and more. It provides sales of branded products, licensed supply of components to manufacturers, and technology licensing to fabrication customers for production of application specific products. For more information, please visit its website at www.eovationsllc.com or call 1.989.671.1460. Inquiries may also be made to Dick McBride, General Manager of Operations (info@eovations.com).

About NTA, Inc.: NTA, Inc., located in Nappanee, Indiana, provides building product certification, building code compliance review, engineering design services, inspection and product testing. The company has over 60 trained professional engineers, plan reviewers, technicians, consultants and design draftsmen with professional registrations in all 50 states and the District of Columbia.