Oliver Technologies, Inc. NTA Certification for ABS Pier Pads in the United States

July 16th, 2018

NAPPANEE, INDIANA: NTA, Inc. has certified (NER-1016) that Oliver Technologies, Inc. ABS Pier Pads (Models: 1055-7, 1055-9, 1055-13, 1055-14, 1055-16, 1055-17, 1055-20, 1055-21, 1055-22, 1055-23, 1055-26.) meets the building code requirements set out in the HUD Title 24 CFR Part 3285 Model Manufactured Home Installation Standards, Section 3285.312

Pier PadsOliver Technologies, Inc. ABS Pier Pads are injection molded pads intended to be used as footings for manufactured housing as described in 3285.312(a)(3). The pad has one smooth side intended for contact with the soil and one side with patterns of ribs designed to stiffen the pad and transfer load from a pier erected on top of the pad to the soil the pad rests on. Pads are manufactured using black ABS material and are available in various sizes as detailed in Table

OTI was founded in December of 1995 by James and Evon Oliver. Located in Hohenwald, Tennessee, OTI develops, manufactures and markets foundation products for the Manufactured Housing Industry. For over 15 years prior to forming OTI in Tennessee, the Oliver’s developed, manufactured and sold numerous products to this Industry in California and Arizona. Today, OTI sells its products throughout the continental United States. Visit Oliver Technologies pier pads website.

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