Tegracore I-Joist is ready for the 2015 IRC and IBC

September 4, 2015

Tegracore I-JoistNAPPANEE, INDIANA: Tegracore, LLC. is the latest company to obtain an NTA, Inc. listing report (Listing Report TGRA101513-36). NTA is pleased to announce that Tegracore’s 1200.095 Series I-joist has been evaluated for compliance with the 2015 IRC and IBC in accordance with NTA IM034.2 SEP01, which is NTA’s scheme document for composite plastic I-joists. Their I-Joist, used primarily in exterior deck assemblies, are formed by extruding polyethylene around aluminum inserts to form an I-Joist, as shown in the image on the right. Their continuing participation in an NTA certification program demonstrates their commitment to safe, quality products for use in the building and construction industry.

Founded in 2007, Tegracore, LLC. provides engineered building products that offer improved performance, longevity and usability in an environmentally conscious way. For more information on Tegracore, or their products, you can call 970.212.3344, or use their contact us webpage

About NTA: NTA, Inc., located in Nappanee, Indiana, provides building product certification, building code compliance review, engineering design services, inspection and product testing. The company has over 60 trained professional engineers, plan reviewers, technicians, consultants and design draftsmen with professional registrations in all 50 states and the District of Columbia.