Structural Engineering for Post Frame Projects

Post Frame Engineering

How will you use your post-frame structure?
Post-frame construction is traditionally associated with pole barn-like structures. Nowadays, post-frame construction is finding a place in residential and commercial markets (like homes or retail stores). Post-frame structures are reliant on large posts that transfer vertical and horizontal forces to and from the structure. NTA’s structural engineering and design department uses a state of the art design process to analyze the relationship and interaction between the soil, posts, frames, diaphragms, and shearwalls in order to make the design applicable to a variety of building types and projects, outside of the traditional pole barn scope.

Post Frame Engineering and DesignComplete, cost-effective engineering
NTA partners with the National Frame Builders Association (NFBA) to keep abreast of the most recent industry news. To ensure that our construction projects are code compliant, NTA uses the Design For Code Acceptance 5 (DCA5) document, which was written by the American Forest and Paper Association to provide guidance when constructing this type of building. Based upon the characteristics of each construction and end-use, our engineering team can also incorporate the most appropriate SIP (Structural Insulated Panel) Design, while still conforming to code regulations. With NTA, your post-frame project will meet or exceed code requirements.

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