Engineering for Structural Insulated Panels, “SIPs”

The required limits of structural insulated panels, as well as their components, are spelled out in the International Residential Code (IRC). Structural Insulated Panel wall systems were adopted into the IRC in 2007. This means that having the correct engineering calculations for a project that is using structural insulated panels, or ‘SIPs’, is crucial to meeting the building code requirements. NTA has been at the forefront of SIP design and certification since 2009. That’s when we partnered with the Structural Insulated Panel Association (SIPA) to create and implement an industry-wide code certification report. We also wrote the SIP Design Guide, which offers all the most current design practices for working with SIP Panels. Who better to trust with your calculations than the industry-recognized leader in SIP Design and Certification?

SIP EngineeringAdditional ways NTA can help you with your SIP project
As a third-party certification agency, ICC NTA, LLC can not only design SIPs for residential and commercial projects but multi-story design projects as well. Our A2LA accredited testing laboratory and inspection staff can also complete testing and certification for SIPs, and issue a listing report. NTA’s skilled staff can also perform quality, third-party audits for all kinds of SIP design, keeping projects on time and within budget.

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