Structural Engineering for Snow Loads

How much does snow weigh?
Two feet of snow on your roof can weigh anywhere from 6 lbs. per sq. foot to 42 lbs. per sq. foot. This is why precise snow load calculations are necessary in many regions around the world. In these areas, snow can accumulate to great depths and place stress on structures that could be many times higher than the original designers planned for. This can cause structural failure and injury, or even loss of life. The International Building Code (IBC) is the current code used for engineering snow load design by identifying the ground snow load, which designers then use as a reference point to calculate the snow load on a structure (although some state and local jurisdictions may amend or supplement the International Building Code).

Structural CalculationsCalculations that stand strong
NTA engineers take many aspects into consideration when designing a structure to withstand the snow load. The site’s geographic location (the western part of the United States typically has less dense snow, while the eastern edge snow is wetter, creating heavier snow), the slope of the roof, whether the roof is curved or straight, the material the roof is made of, drifting patterns and more. Our structural engineering and design department has the most trustworthy software that can provide you with the calculations and designs you need to ensure your structure will stand strong in the climate it will reside in.

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