Specialty Structural Engineering and Design

Structural engineering that isn’t just for houses
NTA doesn’t just stick to the ‘norm’ for our clients, like other structural engineering companies. Traditional structural engineering design for trusses, modular structures, geographic and climate issues are all areas of expertise for NTA. However, we take our knowledge of engineering and code requirements and apply it to a whole new dimension of the building industry, opening doors for construction and design that may not have been opened before.

Structural Engineering and DesignPrecise calculations for all kinds of structures
Structures such as storage units, concrete line stations and man camps (among others) all have unique requirements based on geographic location and type of use. For example, projects that will be situated in Texas will have different climate requirements (like snow load or wind zone) than one that will be situated in Canada. Underground line stations will require different loads than those situated above ground. That’s why your unique project needs expert structural engineering that is complete and precise, by a highly respected structural engineering company. Our custom software can give you the calculations you need for your special project to make sure that you will meet or exceed code requirements, regardless of geographic or climatic locations.

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