Truss Engineering and Design

Truss Engineering and Design

Many building projects require special truss design. Engineering requirements range from high wind requirements for hurricane zones, to being able to withstand heavy loads, such as snow, or for storage purposes. NTA’s structural engineers use state-of-the-art software to offer customized, specialty truss design, as well as testing your custom truss to ensure code compliance. We can also follow up with in-plant, quality inspections at the time of implementation.

Truss Engineering and DesignExpert engineering for all types of truss projects
Whether you need wood or steel truss design, our structural engineering design services have the expertise to get your project from start to completion. NTA remains in the forefront of truss listing, truss certification, and truss testing (see our Structural Assembly testing information here) by partnering with the Structural Building Components Association (SBCA) for continued truss training and quality control purposes.

We offer our clients an online project management system that allows you to access your project files anytime, anywhere. This ease of access means a faster turn-around time by allowing you to send and receive documents regardless of location or time.

Interested in more information on how you can ensure your truss will perform exactly as you need it to? Feel free to contactour engineering department today.

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