Keeping a project on track requires certain tasks to be completed at just the right time. Some of those tasks proceed simply and easily, while others require multiple steps and have the potential to create costly delays. For many of those tasks, having a checklist of the steps involved can be a big help.  Plan review is one of those tasks where even a few simple “Tips” can help to maintain your schedule.

Below are four tips to help ensure your plan review stays on track and on time.

  • Check to make sure that the codes required, building occupancy, and structural specifications are all clearly indicated on the plans. Your reviewer will need this information so that your project can move forward with ease.
  • If the plan contains something different than previous projects, you might consider giving the plan reviewer a call in the preliminary stages. That way, if there is a code issue, it can be identified early.
  • Make sure no portion of the plans is missing. Your reviewer needs a complete set of plans to ensure compliance.
  • When you are sending in revisions, please indicate clearly what was changed or revised. This will help expedite your revision.

Keeping these simple tips in mind can save both yourself and your plan reviewer lots of time!