Structural Insulated Panel Manufacturers

Certified Structural Insulated Panels
The International Residential Code (IRC) requires Structural Insulated Panels, like other building products, to participate in a quality control program, and also states that they must bear a mark from an accredited product certification agency. This requirement has been in place since SIPs were first included in the IRC in 2007. The IRC only covers SIPs used in walls, but NTA can provide alternate certification for Structural Insulated Panels used in floors and roofing, as well as for spans exceeding twelve feet.

  • SIPs used in roofs or floors
  • SIPs intended for use in basements or single-family homes
  • Unusual dimensions
  • Headers and openings
  • Seismic resistance
  • Wind resistance
  • Fire-rated assemblies

To learn more about our Structural Insulated Panel Certification program, including the steps involved, as well as applicable fees, visit our SIP Certification webpage and contact us!

Below are just a few of the companies who have participated in the NTA SIP Certification Program, and have also been issued a certification mark and listing report (take a look at our online database of listing reports), that verifies the code compliance of their product and their continued commitment to quality and safety.

Acme Panel Extreme Panel
Fischer SIPs Foam Laminates of Vermont Foard Logo
Urban Industries Premier SIPs