ASTM E1886 and TAS 201

Hurricane debris can be small or large, and damage a structure – causing damage to the building and possibly injury to those inside. ASTM E1886 and TAS 201 are two tests that measure the impact of this type of debris. ASTM E1886 states, “The performance determined by this test method relates to the ability of elements of the building envelope to remain unbreached during a windstorm.”

ICC NTA is a provider of independent product and material testing services, and we offer the specific technology, ISO/IEC 17025 accredited testing programs, extensive experience, and detailed analysis of the results you need to give your building product credibility with both consumers and regulatory agencies. ASTM E1886 and TAS 201 are part of our Miami-Dade Testing Program. Watch a demonstration of the ASTM E1886 Missile Impact Test, performed at the ICC NTA Midwest Test Lab.