NTA Newsletter Q4 2015

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Christmas Cheer! NTA wishes you and yours the merriest of Christmas’s and the Happiest of New Years!

The Importance of Proper Home Installation

In 2004, Florida was severely impacted by four separate hurricanes in a six week period; Charley, Frances, Ivan and Jeanne. It has come to be known as the the “Year of the Four Hurricanes”. The State of Florida published a document titled “The Benefits of Current Enhanced Mobile Home Installation Standards” and stated, “The assessments of mobile home damage caused by the 2004 hurricanes found that homes installed by licensed installers according to the new installation standards did not move from their foundations. Unfortunately…”

What do you need to know about Tiny Houses?

You hear about tiny houses on the news and read about tiny houses in blogs. They Tiny House Movement has garnered a lot of attention and interest over the last decade. Often touted as the solution to many of the problems we face today: financial concerns, retirement security, and environmental issues, Tiny House owners also face challenges of their own – zoning requirements and building codes are at the top of the list. Tiny houses are generally no more than 120 square feet, which does not meet many accepted building codes. For example, the 2012 IRC defines the standards for one and two family dwellings as:

Howick Ltd. Receives NTA Certification

NTA has certified (Certification Report HOCK032015-81) that Howick, Ltd.’s Cold-Formed Load-Bearing and Nonload-Bearing Studs, Joists and Tracks meet the building code requirements set out in the IRC, IBC and the AISI S100 North American Specification for the Design of …

Choosing the Right Adhesive

Adhesives have been around for centuries, with the earliest known types made of natural materials, but today’s advances in chemistry have created synthetic polymers, allowing adhesives that can be used on a variety of materials, and in a wide range of conditions. While there are three primary types of adhesives…

Video Demonstrations

Did you know NTA has a series of informational videos to help you better understand the tests required for building products? Produced right here at NTA, you can watch our staff performing and explaining a wide variety of testing procedures. Take a look, and if you don’t see a video that covers your needs, let us know!

Upcoming Events

Our relationships with our clients matter to us, which is why NTA attends a variety of trade shows and events – to connect with our customers personally! Below is a list of our upcoming trade shows:

  • IBS LVCC, Jan. 19-21
  • Manufactured Housing Show Louisville, Jan. 20-22EPS Expo Dallas, March 14-16
  • World of Modular San Diego, March 17-20

We are looking forward to seeing you!

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