Eovations™ 8.25″ Eotek Siding Now Certified

April 19, 2016

NAPPANEE, INDIANA: Eovations, LLC, makers of Eotek Siding, are increasing the siding options available to consumers by offering a 0.375” X 8.25” polymer composite siding. Eotek Siding is composed of a mineral-polymer mix that creates an internal fiber structure that adds to its structural performance. NTA evaluated the Eotek Siding in accordance with NTA IM023.1 SEP 01, as well as NTA IM036 for Quality System Requirements.

This means that Eotek Siding has been evaluated for compliance with the 2015 IRC and IBC. NTA Listing Report EOV032712-11 establishes Eovations as a manufacturer dedicated to meeting or exceeding quality and safety standards.

About Eovations: Eovations, LLC is headquartered in Selma, Alabama. For more information on Eovations, visit their company website at www.eovationsllc.com, or call 989.671.1460. Additionally, the Eotek Siding product website may be found at www.eotek.com.

About NTA, Inc.: NTA, Inc., located in Nappanee, Indiana, provides building product certification, building code compliance review, engineering design services, inspection and product testing. The company has over 60 trained professional engineers, plan reviewers, technicians, consultants and design draftsman with professional registrations in all 50 states, Guam, the District of Columbia and Canada.