Structural Engineering for the Modular Industry

Engineering for Modular Structures

New or existing modular services
According to FEMA, modular and masonry homes maintain their structural integrity better than traditional homes in high wind regions − making them a great option for fulfilling an array of consumer needs. ICC NTA, LCC structural engineering and design department partners with manufacturers to develop cost-effective quality control manuals for modular residential home design and construction, as well as Modular Commercial Design. As a third-party certification agency, NTA can provide assurance of code compliance with all applicable codes and regulations through a certification program. For consumers buying in today’s market, they are most concerned about the quality of their home and its ability to be efficient. NTA utilizes SIPs in modular residential design as they are more air-tight (and hence save energy) and produce less waste than more traditional constructions. NTA works closely with the Modular Building Systems Association to stay abreast of consumer demands and industry news.

Modular Engineering
Our Engineering department provided modular engineering for this custom home in South Georgia.

What NTA can do
For new modular buildings, NTA can provide the following services: design and/or review to evaluate code compliance; design and/or approval for state submission; quality control process consulting and review; preparation of drawings and design calculations according to specifications; in-plant inspections; installation inspections; certification, and HERS Ratings and ENERGY STAR® certifications.

For existing modular buildings, NTA can provide the following services: re-labeling (re-certification); re-design to include reconfiguration of the modules; preparation of PE (Professional Engineer) sealed drawing packages; design reviews to evaluate code compliance; field evaluations to determine “as-built” condition; canopy, deck, ramp, and stair design; fire investigations; Installation inspections; Transportation damage inspections; and HERS Ratings and ENERGY STAR certification.

NTA is able to complete in-plant inspections in order to ensure the code compliance of the modules, and that they are built well. Ultimately, modular designs will save both builders and consumers money because of the controlled environment and quality assurance that comes with ICC NTA’s involvement in their construction. In addition, modular commercial designs are environmentally friendly.

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