Structural Engineering for the Modular Industry

Design and State approval of modular buildings is complex, but forward-thinking manufacturers engage with knowledgeable partners to ensure it doesn’t become complicated. Because these innovative builders focus on their customers’ needs, timeliness and accuracy are key for success. They seek out partners with expertise in several fields and services to minimize interruptions, miscommunication, and complications that arise when the builder feels forced into managing multiple agencies or engineers. While there are many excellent Professional Engineers who excel at structural design, manufacturers who partner with ICC NTA find that same excellence and expertise, as well as support with:

  • Canopy, deck, ramp, and stair design
  • Design reviews to evaluate code compliance
  • Field evaluations to determine as-built condition
  • Fire investigations
  • HERS ratings and ENERGY STAR certification
  • In-plant inspections
  • Installation inspections
  • Preparation of PE-sealed drawing packages
  • Relabeling (recertification)
  • Redesign to include reconfiguration of modules
  • Resilience of wood construction to seismic/snow/wind loads
  • Transportation damage inspections

As part of the International Code Council Family of Solutions, ICC NTA has direct access to the organization that develops the most trusted source of model codes and standards—the International Codes. We also utilize trustworthy software programs to provide the precise calculations and designs you need, resulting in a complete, code-compliant building package to help ensure your product or structure will stand strong.

NTA Modular EngineeringICC NTA has licensed engineers for all 50 U.S. States, the District of Columbia, Guam, and part of Canada. Our highly qualified staff is comprised of Professional Engineers (PEs) and trained design engineers, allowing us to offer third-party engineering to fit each client’s unique needs. Our team provides top-of-the-line customer service and efficient turnaround time, even for the most demanding projects.

We believe innovation through technology leads to better, safer building projects. We offer our clients an online project-management system that allows you to access your project files anytime, anywhere. This ease of access enables greater visibility and a faster completion time for your project.

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