Building Product Certification

Product Evaluation and Certification

NTA is a leader in building product code evaluation and certification. We offer the most thorough third-party testing and inspection services for a wide range of building products. Our certification programs are nationally recognized and establish a product’s code compliance and provide verification of in-plant quality control measures for products such as moisture barriers, structural plastics, doors and windows, insulation, structural insulated panels, structural assemblies, and numerous other building products. We can even design a certification process to ensure code compliance of new or innovative products. You can trust NTA to complete your project in a timely manner, and guide you every step of the way.


Certification Mark: A symbol of Code Compliance
The NTA Certification Mark is recognized internationally as well as nationally, and provides evidence of code compliance when a product is required to be “listed and labeled”. The Certification Mark also signifies that your product is participating in a certification program that includes a listing report and ongoing follow-up testing and inspection services (surveillance audits and testing).

Scope of Accreditation
We are accredited under ISO/IEC 17065 (view our Certificate of Accreditation) to test a variety of building products. With our highly trained and experienced test lab and our network of auditors nationwide, we can partner with you wherever you are!

For more information on our Testing, Inspection and Building Product Certification programs, including steps involved in this process and applicable fees, please contactNTA.

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