Commonwealth of Kentucky KIBS Program M-Seal

February 24, 2023

Information as received from Layhoma Roberts (Program Coordinator/Manufactured Housing) at the Dept of Housing, Buildings and Construction:

A copy of all Kentucky M-Seal reports now need to be uploaded to the portal under the corresponding number for that report(s), in lieu of mailing them in. Once they have been uploaded, you will not need to mail a copy back to me in the mail. I get an electronic notification that they have been uploaded.

The following instructions are provided to help you in creating an account, uploading reports, and ordering seals.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Layhoma at 502-573-1795 /


Applying for M Seals: – Once you create your account at and log in you should see 4 boxes, the one that has Apply is where you would order your seals.

  • You click on apply then choose Manufactured Housing and then on drop down box select application for M seals.
  • It will ask if you are applying as the contractor respond yes or it may just have the drop-down box, you will select contractor and put the Manufacturer name and license number. If this is for commercial building only, you will put the KM number issued to the manufacturers QA Manual that was submitted to the Licensing Branch.
  • The address field should automatically upload if you apply as contractor but if not then put in Manufacturers address here.  Under contacts put in person/company applying for the seals.
  • Go to the details put in the number of seals you are wanting, (do not check the box that ask if this is DHBC Inspector, leave it blank) The Third-Party Inspectors name/company name and address needs to go here.
  • Hit save and submit the application, once you submit the application it will give you the fee and allow you to pay it.

Uploading Each M Seal Report once it has been completed:  Once you log in and click go, you will have 4 boxes come up first box is Apply (this is where you order seals), the last box is Applications (Click view) and this is where you will find the M-Seal numbers that correspond with the report

  • Once you click view make sure the active tab is open and you should see all the seal number that correspond to the seals ordered.

Click directly on that seal number, scroll down, click on the permit submittal tab and to the right of the screen you should see 0files in the color blue, click directly on that and at the bottom of that page you will see the upload button click on it to upload the report that you

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