State: Pennsylvania

PA Industrialized Housing Insignia Orders – CHANGE
October 7, 2020

The office of Housing Standards continues to work remotely due to the COVID 19 pandemic, however they have made a slight change regarding the mailing of industrialized housing and component insignias; (more…)

PA Department of Community & Economic Development regarding closing
March 16, 2020

The Governor has closed all Commonwealth facilities in Harrisburg, PA to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 (Coronavirus).  DCED has started our telework operations and will continue to do so for 14 days. Regarding the ordering of PA Industrialized Housing Insignias, they have implemented the following contingency plan: (more…)

Mixed Use Structures in the City of
March 6, 2020

Please see the attached memorandum regarding mixed-use structures within the city of Philadelphia.  The City of Philadelphia adopted the 2018 ICC codes and this created an issue when constructing units with other than Group R sections being placed within or on top of the structure while being constructed to different code versions.  They had several discussions with the City of Philadelphia and came to a conclusion when constructing this type of structure.  Please see the attached memorandum which explains how these types of mixed-use structures will be handle for the City of Philadelphia. (more…)

Important Dates ENERGY STAR Tax Credit
January 31, 2020

As you may be aware, late last year Congress extended the $1,000 tax credit for each ENERGY STAR home completed through 2020 and made the credit retroactive to include homes completed in 2018 and 2019. During this period, we launched Version 2 of the ENERGY STAR requirements. SBRA is currently developing program rules that will apply to Version 2 homes. We will post information as it becomes available.  (more…)

Philadelphia modernizes its plumbing code using the International Plumbing Code
September 18, 2019

Press Release received by Code Council – The city of Philadelphia modernized its plumbing code based on the 2018 International Plumbing Code (IPC). The IPC is one of a family of correlated and coordinated codes published by the International Code Council – the International Codes (I-Codes) – that are the most widely (more…)

Pennsylvania 2015 codes and 2014 NEC effective on April 1, 2019
February 25, 2019

As you are aware the Pennsylvania Industrialized Housing Program will adopt the 2015 codes and 2014 NEC effective on April 1, 2019. As a reminder, please find the previous direction received from the state regarding the construction of homes to the 2009 codes once a manufacturer is certified to construct to the 2015 codes.  (more…)

Pennsylvania Air Leakage Testing Update
February 7, 2019

As part of the adoption of the 2015 codes, specifically, N1102.4.1.2 Air Leakage Testing, all manufacturers will be required to place this requirement on the Site Installation Inspection Report (§145.91(e)) which is provided to each person installing the industrialized home. Please assure the installer is aware of this addition and please refer to the section within the IRC. Please add to your checklist something to reflect; Air Leakage Test was conducted in accordance with N1102.4.1.2 and a written report of the results was signed by the approved third party conducting the test and provided to the code official.  (more…)

Pennsylvania DCED Memorandums 2015 Code Change Information
November 21, 2018

Please find the PA DCED Memos 2015 Code Information as received from Michael Moglia, Program Administrator with the Pennsylvania Housing Standards Division. As you are aware the Pennsylvania Industrialized Housing Program will adopt the 2015 codes and 2014 NEC effective on April 1, 2019. (more…)

Pennsylvania Uniform Construction Code to adopt 2015 I-Codes
August 1, 2018

Please be advised of the following Code Update info as received from Mike Moglia at PA. The Pennsylvania Uniform Construction Code will adopt the 2015 I-Codes (2014 NEC) effective October 1, 2018; however, the PA Industrialized Housing Program will adopt the 2015 codes effective April 1, 2019. (more…)

Habitable Attic Egress Requirements
July 3, 2018

Please be aware of the definition and egress requirements of a habitable attic as it relates to dwellings built from the 2012 IRC. The 2009 and 2015 IRC verbiage is similar and still applicable. Attics that meet the size and ceiling height criteria of the “Habitable Attic” definition in Chapter 2 are considered habitable. This is applicable to finished and unfinished spaces. Habitable attics require a vertical access and emergency escape and rescue opening. Vertical access can be a fixed internal stair, ramp, or exterior stair. (more…)