State: North Carolina

NCDOI Engineering Newsletter – June 2020
New York State Codes and Building Systems Packages 2020

The code update applicable to New York State is fast approaching, effective May 12, 2020 with no grace period. Please reference past code update posts from February 4th, 2020. You can view the official Notices of Adoption at the following link: Recent conversations with the New York Division of Building Standards and Codes provided the following clarification items relating to this code change cycle.


Important Dates ENERGY STAR Tax Credit

As you may be aware, late last year Congress extended the $1,000 tax credit for each ENERGY STAR home completed through 2020 and made the credit retroactive to include homes completed in 2018 and 2019. During this period, we launched Version 2 of the ENERGY STAR requirements. SBRA is currently developing program rules that will apply to Version 2 homes. We will post information as it becomes available.  (more…)

North Carolina: New Code Interpretations – Plumbing, Accessibility and Electrical

North Carolina May 2019 Engineering Newsletter

Highlights from the newsletter include New Code Interpretations, which include Plumbing, Accessibility, and Electrical.

Electrical Interpretations available are in a different location, see the following link: (more…)

North Carolina Site Installed Roof Systems in Modular Units

MEMORANDUM Supplied by:

Shane Phelps
Building Code Consultant
Manufactured Building Division

What is required for a plan submittal and approval for units where the roof system will be installed on-site by others? (more…)

North Carolina REScheck and COMcheck Energy Compliance Paths

Please find the link to the February 2019 Engineering Newsletter from the North Carolina Department of Insurance. Highlights from the newsletter include a reminder that the 2018 NC Building Code was mandatory on all permitted projects as of Jan 1, 2019 and clarifications regarding the Energy Code including REScheck and COMcheck energy compliance paths.

North Carolina 2018 Energy Code COMcheck and REScheck Alternatives

Please find the following 2018 NC Energy Code COMcheck and REScheck Alternatives 12-18-18 memo as received from the North Carolina Department of Insurance Manufactured Building Division. It was previously announced that the 2018 NC Energy Conservation Code (NCECC) will become mandatory on January 1, 2019.  However, the US Department of Energy has made a decision to not include the 2018 NCECC as an option in either the COMcheck or REScheck energy compliance programs. In light of this decision, the attached memo provides (more…)

North Carolina Department of Insurance Update

Highlights from the newsletter include a reminder that the 2018 NC Building Code is mandatorily effective on all permitted projects starting Jan 1, 2019, a clarification on permitting statute that relates to Manufactured Housing and a reminder regarding Ordering the 2018 NC Code books. The newsletter also provides noteable code changes that will likely affect a large volume of projects in the upcoming year. Notable changes are pertaining to Assembly Group A-2, Group B, Group F-1, condensate (more…)

North Carolina Department of Insurance – Discounted Code Books

Ordering the 2018 NC Code – Discounted Code Books The 2018 NC Code is available and is shipping. Remember it is not mandatorily effective until Jan 1, 2019. Also, to receive the on-line “members” purchasing discount, ANYONE can go through NC Department of Insurance Website, the link is provided in the Newsletter. (more…)

North Carolina 2017 Electrical Code Transition

From the state of North Carolina –

If any of your approved NC modular manufacturers wish to begin using the 2017 NC Electrical Code now, they are encouraged to do so. The 2017 NC Electrical Code is comprised of the 2017 NEC along with the 2017 NC Electrical Code amendments. The 2017 NC Electrical Code approved amendments can be found Here. Please note that each individual Electrical Code edition is designed to be applied as a complete Code. Therefore, modular manufacturers are only allowed to use one complete (more…)

North Carolina 2017 NEC Amendments Effective

Memorandum as received from the North Carolina Manufactured Building Division. The 2017 NEC with North Carolina Amendments becomes effective on June 12, 2018. All plans filed with the state on or after June 12, 2018 will need to reference the 2017 NEC with North Carolina (more…)