North Carolina Site Installed Roof Systems in Modular Units

April 1, 2019

What is required for a plan submittal and approval for units where the roof system will be installed on-site by others?

The roof design whether it consists of a truss system or using other structural components must be included with the submittal. Modular manufacturers must follow, either, the prescriptive Code or provide the engineering analysis that demonstrates that the modular units will be adequately constructed and the Third Party Agency must verify the modular units are designed to be structurally sufficient for the loads during the plan review and inspection process. The modular manufacturer must know what loads are being applied to design the modular units and the Third Party Agencies must know in order to approve the entire structure.

The structural connection from the roof to the modular portions can be by others, but the plans must clearly indicate that in both the plans and on the cover sheet under the “Items not inspected” section. By providing the roof design, the local inspectors will be able to verify, if, what was submitted matches what is being constructed in the field. Third Party Agencies must verify compliance during plan review and during the plant inspections to insure all modular units are constructed in compliance with the Code and the approved plans. The LAHJ will verify that the components used on site comply with the plans.

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MEMORANDUM Supplied by:

Shane Phelps
Building Code Consultant
Manufactured Building Division