North Carolina Department of Insurance – Discounted Code Books

November 7, 2018

Ordering the 2018 NC Code – Discounted Code Books The 2018 NC Code is available and is shipping. Remember it is not mandatorily effective until Jan 1, 2019. Also, to receive the on-line “members” purchasing discount, ANYONE can go through NC Department of Insurance Website, the link is provided in the Newsletter. 

Please note: Although there is presently a 2012 free on-line code that is fully downloadable and printable, THERE ARE PRESENTLY NO PROVISIONS FOR MAKING THE 2018 CODE THIS WAY. This feature for the 2012 Codes will not be available after December 31, 2018 (downloadable, printable). There will be a limited capability version that will allow a viewer to look at the code, but the viewer will not be able to download, copy/paste, or print the code for free.


The newsletter also provides links to Cumulative supplements, code interpretations, and rule changes.

November 2018 Engineering Newsletter from the North Carolina Department of Insurance