PA Industrialized Housing 2018 Code Adoption

January 13, 2022

As you may be aware the Pennsylvania Uniform Construction Code is adopting the 2018 ICC Codes (2017 NEC) on February 14, 2022. As with previous code changes, PA DCED gave a six-month period in order for manufacturers of industrialized housing to transition to the new codes and will do the same this time.

At this time the PA Industrialized Housing Program office is leaning towards the following (unofficial) timeframe;

The PA Industrialized Housing Program will officially adopt the 2018 Codes as provided by the UCC RAC on Friday, August 12, 2022. Any home that is labeled with the PA Insignia of Certification prior to and up to the end of business of August 12, 2022, maybe constructed to the 2015 codes. Any home labeled after August 12, 2022, must be designed and constructed to the 2018 Codes.

PLEASE NOTE THIS DECISION IS NOT CONCRETE AND CHANGES MAY OCCUR, HOWEVER, PA DCED WANTS TO GIVE AS MUCH NOTICE AS POSSIBLE. There’s also an understanding of issues of “backlogs” which are being taken into consideration.


The Department will issue an official notice in the Pennsylvania Bulletin by January 2022.

Should anyone have questions or concerns, Contact: Michael Moglia, Program Administrator call 717-720-7416.