Georgia New IB Program Rules and Info Bulletins

June 4, 2018

Georgia Department of Community Affairs has adopted new rules and information bulletins for Industrialized Buildings (IB) shipping containers and tiny houses which will become effective on July 1, 2018. These rules and bulletins are as follows:

Industrialized Buildings Rules:
Rule 110-2-1-.01 Scope. Revised effective date to July 1, 2018
Rule 110-2-2-.02 Definitions. Add new definitions for Container, Shipping Container Building Module and Tiny House

Industrialized Buildings Information Bulletins:
Bulletin No. 110-2-16 Shipping Containers, Scope Revised
Bulletin No. 110-2-18 Shipping Containers, General Requirements
Bulletin No. 110-2-19 Shipping Containers, Inspection Protocols
Bulletin No. 110-2-20 Tiny Houses

The new IB rules and bulletins will become effective on July 1, 2018. Copies of the new rules and bulletins are available on DCA’s webpage at:

For questions regarding these changes, please contact the Department of Community Affairs, Office of Industrialized Buildings at 404-679-3118 or by email at