Illinois – Third Party Inspection Agency Review and Approval of Plans

November 26, 2019

Effective January 1, 2020, per Section 880.50 of the Illinois Modular Dwelling and Mobile Structure Code, the Department will require all plans be reviewed and approved by the third party inspection agency with documentation submitted from the third party inspection agency indicating the subject plans are in compliance with the requirements of Part 880.

Section 880.50 (b)- Responsibility. The inspection agency shall be responsible for review of manufacturer plans, documents and procedures for completeness and compliance with the requirements of this Part. The inspection agency shall then conduct inspections to ensure compliance with the plans and procedures. The inspection must occur when all portions of the construction can be inspected.

The construction of commercial modular structures is not regulated under this part. The Department has not been granted statutory authority to regulate the construction of such structures; however, local jurisdictions may regulate the construction of commercial modular structures.

It was confirmed with the state that manufacturers are permitted to have separate Design Review Agencies and Inspection agencies if they choose.