Michigan Bureau of Construction Codes (BCC) Utilizing Updated Construction Application Forms

March 29, 2024

Effective April 1, 2024, the Bureau of Construction Codes (BCC) will be utilizing its seven (7) updated construction application forms (building permit, electrical permit, mechanical permit, plumbing permit, plan examination, school project plan examination, and premanufactured unit) which the State Construction Code Commission (SCCC) prescribed.The updated versions of these forms are attached. Starting April 1, these forms will be available at: permits and plan reviews. Please note that BCC will not accept previous versions of these forms if they are received after March 31, 2024.

For other units of government, the SCCC also prescribed plan review application forms and permit application forms that are substantially similar to the updated BCC forms. This may allow county and local (city, township, village) units of government to continue utilizing their forms if they are substantially similar to the updated BCC forms. BCC encourages local units of government to ensure their forms contain language and seek information required under state law, in substantial conformity with the updated BCC forms prescribed by the SCCC. Any units of government that use electronic versions of their forms through an on-line plan review and permitting system should maintain consistency for all their application form formats.

Questions can be directed to BCCPermits@Michigan.gov or 517-241-9313.