New Hampshire – Durham’s relevant adopted code

August 31, 2022

Pursuant to Saf-C 3303.03 Local Building Requirements, Durham’s relevant adopted code is more restrictive than the code and rules set forth in Saf-C 3303.01 and Saf-C 3303.02.

View the certified copy of the relevant code adopted through local ordinance:

The 2021 International Energy Code is more restrictive than the requirements set forth in Saf-C 3303.01 and the State adopted 2015 International Energy Code in many ways, including but not limited to, R-values, U-Values, ventilation requirements, documentation requirements, and testing requirements.

Additionally, under Article I, 38-5, Durham requires compliance with the New Hampshire State Adopted Building Codes for all modular construction: International Building Code 2018; International Existing Building Code 2018; International Mechanical Code 2018; International Plumbing Code 2018; International Residential Code 2018 and National Electrical Code 2020 and all NH State amendments.

For more information please visit the Town of Durham NH Website.