South Carolina Building Codes Staffing Change

October 24, 2018

NTA recently received an email from the SC Building Codes Council, SC Manufactured Housing Board introducing Maggie Castles, who will be inheriting the job title and responsibilities of Jennie Meade after her retirement at the end of this calendar year. Any correspondence and/or plans should be addressed to both Jennie and Maggie until Jennie’s retirement. The state was able to lure Maggie away from the Residential Builders Commission after two years with that board. She is working on getting her certifications and has lots of class time right now, but will be available to you as much as possible. Maggie will do her best to answer any questions that you have, she appreciates your understanding as they transition.

Maggie Castles

SC Building Codes Council

SC Manufactured Housing Board

110 Centerview Dr, Columbia SC 29210 (physical)

PO Box 11329, Columbia SC 29211 (mailing)

Ph: 803-896-4688

Fx: 803-896-4814