Michigan Electrical Code, Part 8 rules 2023

February 22, 2024

The 2023 Michigan Electrical Code, Part 8 rules were filed with the Secretary of State November 13, 2023, and are effective March 12, 2024. The 2023 Michigan Electrical Code, Part 8 rules adopt by reference the 2023 second printing edition of the National Electrical Code (NEC) with amendments, deletions, and additions deemed appropriate for use in Michigan. You may use the complete 2023 Michigan Electrical Code, Part 8 rules for training purposes; however, they will not be enforceable until March 12, 2024. Below are important changes that were made to the code.

  • The State of Michigan has amended section 230.85 in the 2023 Michigan Electrical Code. This section of the code is regarding emergency disconnects for 1- and 2-family dwelling units. The disconnecting means shall be installed in a readily accessible outdoor location on or within sight of the dwelling unit. Each disconnect shall be a service disconnect. The service disconnecting means shall be marked as follows: “EMERGENCY DISCONNECT, SERVICE DISCONNECT.”
  • Surge protection will be required for feeders and services per 215.18, 225.42 and 230.67 of the 2023 Michigan Electrical Code for dwelling units, dormitory units, guest rooms, and guest suites of hotels and motels, areas of nursing homes, and limited-care facilities used exclusively as patient sleeping rooms.
  • Electrical systems, equipment, or components not specifically covered in chapters 34 through 43 of the 2015 Michigan Residential Code shall comply with the applicable provisions of the Michigan Electrical Code, R 408.30801 to R 408.30880.

Courses for continuing education requirements will need to be submitted for approval. Code officials will need to submit using the bureau’s applications for Code Officials and licensees will need to submit through CE Broker which will be available January 26, 2024.

Please contact the Electrical Unit at bccelec@michigan.gov for questions concerning the 2023 Michigan Electrical Code.


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