State of Michigan Part 7 Plumbing Code rules

February 22, 2024

The Part 7 Plumbing Code rules were filed with the Secretary of State November 13, 2023, and become effective on March 12, 2024. The Part 7 Plumbing Code rules adopt by reference the 2021 second printing edition of the International Plumbing Code with amendments, deletions, and additions deemed appropriate for use in Michigan.

Until the electronic and hard copies are available from the International Code Council (ICC), one can use the 2021 International Plumbing Code (IPC) with the Part 7 Plumbing Michigan Amendments for the 2021 Michigan Plumbing Code. The bureau will notify the public when the electronic and hard copy versions of each code are available for purchase and update the code books information on our website, which links to ICC for purchase. Below are important changes that have been made to the code.

  • The bureau has amended Section 312.10.1 of the IPC regarding inspections of backflow prevention assemblies as follows:

R 408.30725g Inspections.Rule 725g. Section 312.10.1 is added to the code to read as follows:312.10.1. Inspections. Inspections shall be made of all backflow prevention assemblies and air gaps after installation or relocation to determine whether the assemblies are operable and air gaps exist.

R 408.30725h Testing.

Rule 725h. Section 312.10.2 is added to the code to read as follows:

312.10.2. Testing. Reduced pressure principle, double check, pressure vacuum breaker, reduced pressure detector fire protection, double check detector fire protection, and spill-resistant vacuum breaker backflow preventer assemblies and hose connection backflow preventers shall be tested at the time of installation, immediately after repairs or at the time of relocation. Test gauges shall comply with ASSE 1064. The testing procedure shall be performed in accordance with 1 of the following standards:

(a) ASSE 5013.(b) ASSE 5015.(c) ASSE 5020.(d) ASSE 5047.(e) ASSE 5048.(f) ASSE 5052.(g) ASSE 5056.(h) CSA B64.10.(i) CSA B64.10.1

The bureau has amended Sections 403.1 through 403.3.1 of the IPC regarding the minimum number of fixtures as follows:

R 408.30758 Minimum number of fixtures.

Rule 758. Section 403.1.1(2) is added to the code to read as follows:

403.1.1(2) Where multiple-user facilities are designed to serve all genders, the minimum fixtures count shall be calculated at 100%, based on total occupant load. The minimum number of required plumbing fixtures shall be in accordance with table 403.1. In multiple-user facilities, each fixture type shall be in accordance with ICC A117.1 and each urinal that is provided shall be located in a stall.

Courses for continuing education requirements will need to be submitted for approval. Code officials will need to submit using the bureau’s applications for Code Officials and licensees will need to submit through CE Broker which will be available January 26, 2024.

Please contact the Plumbing Unit at for questions concerning the 2021 Michigan Plumbing Code.


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